Every year, the season of Lent gives us a fresh opportunity to step back from our habits and circumstances, identify areas of our selves and our lives that need cleansing or healing, and prepare for the victory of love over death.

What habits are wreaking havoc in my health and relationships? What areas of my life need renewal? How can I take small steps every day towards facilitating rebirth in those areas?  Whatever our current struggles may be, physical, spiritual, mental and emotional, the celebration of Easter proves in an extravagant display that in the end love is gloriously triumphant. No matter how insurmountable our obstacles may seem, God’s love for us can bring beauty, goodness and abundant life in our darkest and most painful experiences.

In our years of practice, we’ve discovered that our physical ailments and pains are the easiest to diagnose, manage and recover from. Ailments of the heart, mind and soul are often the most difficult to overcome. Yet, the Easter message shines hope on every aspect of our lives, inviting us to wholeness, healing and new life. The path to new life comes foremost through a radical commitment to love at every moment, so we might share in the love that conquered death itself.

Love is what heals our hearts, souls, minds, and sometimes even our bodies, but not a sentimental, shallow and fickle love. The love that heals is faithful even when it’s costly, generous even when it’s painful, and selfless to the greatest degree.

Thus, this Easter let us remember our true purpose and meaning, and find healing and rebirth in living each present moment with love. Let us love and nourish our bodies as precious gifts to be cared for rather than exploited, love and forgive everyone around us especially those with whom we find it most difficult, and love our planet as a wondrous gift to be cultivated and cherished. In this way, we will find healing and new life not only for ourselves, but our families, communities and the world.

Holy Thurs, Way of the Cross
JHC Aborlan, Palawan

Going up to Resurrection Hill

10th Nailing on the Cross

11th Station

15th Station Resurrection

Devotional Hill

Christine, Nim, Dale, Jen, Tony
Wellness Institute International Inc.
Jesus the Healer Community Inc
EASTER, 2017