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Visit the Sagpangan Marian Healing Shrines.  Together, we will journey outward as we pray to our Mother Mary surrounded by healing aromatic plants, refreshed by the mountain’s own spring water, and hearing no sound other than birds singing and the gentle rustling of grass in the breeze.  Sagpangan fosters a harmonious relationship between people, plants, the environment and most of all, the God of all creation.  We will journey inward and draw upon the wisdom and healing touch of Mother Mary and Jesus the Divine Physician.  As we connect in this way, we will explore how the healing of our selves and others may be enhanced through prayer and silence.

Each day, we will share what is in our hearts: our stories, moments of profound experience, joys, tears, dreams, laughter and intentions.   Our Mother Mary invites us to join her in healing the world, in revitalizing the morality of institutions, and in transforming consciences and consciousness to embrace the values of her Son, Jesus Christ.

Marian Healing Shrines
Sitio Katuang-Tuangan
Barangay Sagpangan, Aborlan, Palawan


63+917-888-HEAL (4325)
63+917-878-LOVE (5683)

Office hours: 8:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m

Address: Sitio Katuang-Tuangan, Barangay Sagpangan, Palawan, Philippines

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